Wagons 1k


Wagons (997pts)

1000pt Orks 5th Ed (2008) Roster (Standard)


HQ (115pts)

  • Big Mek (115pts)

    Burna (20pts), Cybork Body (10pts), Kustom Force Field (50pts)

Elites (315pts)

  • Burna Boyz (150pts)

    10x Burna Boy (150pts)

  • Lootas (165pts)

    11x Loota (165pts)

Troops (332pts)

  • Ork Boyz (186pts)

    2x Rokkit Launcha (20pts)

    • 20x Boy (120pts)

      20x Shootas

    • Nob (46pts)

      Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)

  • Ork Boyz (146pts)

    10x Boy (60pts)

    • Nob (46pts)

      Bosspole (5pts), Power Klaw (25pts)

    • Trukk (40pts)

      Big Shoota, Reinforced Ram (5pts)

Heavy Support (235pts)

  • Battlewagon (120pts)

    Deff Rolla (20pts), Rokkit Launcha (10pts)

  • Battlewagon (115pts)

    Big Shoota (5pts), Deff Rolla (20pts)

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